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Music Shuffle Meme

Thanks vinylreckoning and cha  for this!

In order to participate you have to have some kinda music device like an ipod, mp3 player or whatever and put it on shuffle. There will be random questions and the answer to those questions are in music. Put it on shuffle and the song you switch too is the answer! No matter how silly or weird it sounds you have to put it down! 

Next after you done it pick 5 people you tag to do it as well: 

I tag: longsufferingly sandymg salixbabylon poisontaster on_a_halfshell 

First off introduce yourself, who are you?
Red Hot Chili Peppers - Blood Sugar Sex Magic

How are you today? 
Jethro Tull - A Christmas Song

How does the world see you? 
Elvis Presley - A Little Less Conversation

Will you have a happy life? 
Adam Lambert - Mad World

What do your friends really think of you? 
Bon Jovi - Wanted Dead or Alive

Do people secretly lust after you? 
Kansas - Carry On My Wayward Son

How can you make yourself happy?
Alice In Chains - Would?

What should you do with your life? 
The Psychedelic Furs - Pretty In Pink (LOL!)

Will you ever have children? If so who will they be? (Two songs needed) 
Lynyrd Skynyrd - Saturday Night Special
The Imagined Village - The Lark In The Morning

How will you be remembered? 
Metallica - The Call Of  Ktulu

What describes your crush? 
Avenged Sevenfold - Almost Easy (????)

What is your signature dance song? 
Audioslave - Bring Em Back Alive

What song will play at your funeral? 
The Jam - The Eton Rifles

What type of men do you like? 
Chad Kroeger - Hero (Dean or Sam Winchester obviously!)

What do you want to be when you grow up? 
City Of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra - Conan The Barbarian:The Riddle of Steel (ROFL)

What do you like to eat? 
Disturbed - Stricken

What are you like when you are angry? 
Disturbed - Shout

What are you like when you are sad? 
The Cinematic Orchestra - Arrival of the Birds

What is your biggest nightmare? Wish (<----See how I did that hahahaha)
Kings Of Leon - Use Somebody

One thing the world really doesn't need? 
Jethro Tull - Living In The Past

What do you think of your Mom? 
Metallica - Human

What is your favorite show like? 
Audioslave - I Am The Highway (HEHE)

Last but not least your crush knocks on your door, you open it and start singing this....? 
Sting - Englishman in New York (what the hell is this doing on my IPod???)

What describes Sam Winchester? 
The Imagined Village - John Barleycorn

What describes Dean Winchester? 
Pink - Please Don't Leave Me

What describes Castiel? 
Peter Gabriel - In Your Eyes

What describes Bobby Singer? 
The Imagined Village - Sweet Jane

What describes the Impala? 
Free - Soon I will Be Gone

Who is Eric Kripke? 
Beyonce and Shakira - Beautiful Liar (WTF?!? I need to clear out my music files!)

What is a Jefferson Starship? 
UB40 - Can't Help Falling In  Love

What is Wincest? 
Pink Floyd - Another Brick In The Wall

What is Destiel? 
New Zealand Symphony Orchestra - Adagio For Strings

What is sassy? 
Metallica - The Thing That Should Not Be (LOL)

What describes Gabriel? 
Free - Seven Angels

What describes Lucifer? 
Metallica  - Wherever I May Roam

What describes Balthazar and Crowley? (Two songs needed) 
Creedence Clearwater - Have You Ever Seen The Rain
Jefferson Airplane - White Rabbit

Lastly what is Supernatural about? 
Aerosmith - Living On The Edge
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Title: A Blaze Of Brilliant Blue
Author: dawnstarrising
Pairings/Characters: Sam/Dean/Jean-Claude/Asher x-over with Anita Blake, Vampire Hunter Universe by Laurell K Hamilton
Rating: NC17
Category: Slash
Spoilers: None
Summary: Dean still felt a chill of unease. It didn’t seem to long ago that he and Sam hunted these things and the World was blissfully unaware. 5 years down the road and bam! Vampires were running bars.
Notes/Warnings: This is an AU crossover fic with the Anita Blake characters. Came about after playing a silly game with the wonderful bloodkisses, who also inspired me. Thank you honey!
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything, just blatantly borrowed these characters for my perverse pleasure. I’ll give them back once I’ve finished…honest!

Dean looked over at Sam as they pulled up outside the club. He felt slightly uncomfortable being here. Although Vampires and other preternatural beings were now considered citizens and most owned businesses, such as the one they were currently eyeing from the Impala. Dean still felt a chill of unease. It didn’t seem to long ago that he and Sam hunted these things and the World was blissfully unaware. 5 years down the road and bam! Vampires were running bars.

Executioners were hired by the city to keep the preternatural creatures at bay. It was against the law to kill say a vampire or werewolf without a warrant. If they broke the law the court issued the paperwork and an Executioner hunted and killed it. You had to know what you were doing if you went after something that had the strength to toss a small car around like a toy.

There were also qualified and registered hunters, such as Dean and Sam that the Executioners used. Since the Executioners had been made Federal Agents, they could gather help to assist in hunts. It was weird getting paid for something that started off as one mans obsession.

“Okay Sammy, lets get this over and done with” Opening the door Dean climbed out. He still had to be careful here, after all he had ‘died’ in St Louis nearly 6 years ago.

He gazed up at the sign and a grin slid across his face as ‘Guilty Pleasures’ flashed its crimson glow over his face “This is about right for us Sam” turning he blew Sam a kiss and ducked just in time to miss the huge paw Sam had aimed at his head.

“Very funny Dean, you kill me” Sam rolled his eyes and looked at the notes he held in his hand “According to the message from dad, we were recommended for the job by the local Executioner Anita Blake. She’s out of the city and it seems her friend, Jean-Claude, is the owner of this club” The silence made Dean turn and look at his brother who was scrolling through another text message from their father, he cocked his head in question “It also seems he’s the Master of the City”

“Shit Sam what in the hell are we doing here? The Master Vampire of the City should have someone else that can deal with this shit. Why use us?” Dean turned to see his brother shrug, but didn’t miss the slight flicker of apprehension that flashed through Sam’s eyes.

The brothers braced themselves and made their way across to the entrance of the club. When they reached the bottom of the stairs, Dean noticed a dark figure standing at the top. At first he thought it was a statue of some sort, but as they climbed the stairs he realised it was a vampire. As they drew closer the figure turned his head and grinned obviously enjoying the discomfort coming from the two men. Dean noticed the fangs flashing in the blood red light from the sign. He felt Sam tense behind him. The doorman bid them a good evening and asked them to enter the club and check in at the small booth in the corner.

Once they had been checked for religious artefacts and a terse conversation about Dean’s protective charm, they were lead into the club. Onstage was a young man with short spiky blond hair. He was dancing in a very provocative manner and he had a strange animal magnetism about him. He saw Dean looking as they passed and winked.

Sam’s slightly indignant whisper of “It’s a strip club” made Dean grin. He gave his brother an incredulous look “What type of club were you expecting with a name like Guilty Pleasures, dumbass”

Sam in a snit was a sight to behold. Dean could tell he was about to elevate to full-blown girly meltdown, when the curtain to Sam’s right opened and a man with the most unbelievable gold hair came out from behind it. His hair was long and covered his face, but as he turned both he and Sam stood and stared at the most breath taking man either of them had ever seen.

Sam was stunned. Dean was beautiful, but even he was over shadowed by the man that stood in front of them. Half his face was hidden by hair and shadows and Sam suddenly wanted to see the whole picture. He didn’t have to wait long as the newcomer stepped forward and stretched out his hand and greeted them.

“Welcome my friends” his voice, lilting with a soft French accent, was like silk stroking down your spine “I’m Asher. Jean-Claude has just been delayed on the telephone for a few moments, but is there anything I can get for you?” Both brothers were mesmerised, not realising they were just standing there with identical stunned expressions.

Asher was just an inch shorter than Sam. His hair was a metallic gold colour and his eyes were the palest blue, like the eyes of a husky, but what caught your attention was the fact that one side of his face was covered in horrific scars. Strangely this only added to the almost painful beauty on the other side. When Asher coughed discreetly and with some discomfort, Sam and Dean shook themselves and both blushed when they realised they had both been standing there like horny teenagers.

A warm laugh sounded behind them, gliding up their backs like a physical caress. They spun around to find another painfully beautiful man standing there. He was Dean’s height with long curling jet black hair. Sapphire blue eyes sparkled with amusement at the sight before him.

Sam heard Dean whisper a breathless “Fuck me” and couldn’t agree more, he felt a tingle of jealousy, but also some satisfaction at the expression of blankness on Deans face as he stared at the hand that had been offered, seemingly unable to comprehend why this breathing, walking wet dream was offering him his hand.

Sam’s elbow connecting with Dean’s ribs soon jolted the older Winchester to the here and now and Deans hand shot out to grasp the proffered hand in front of him.

“Dean Winchester” his voice cracked slightly, he indicated to his brother “This is Sam”

Sam shook hands with the dark haired man and then felt every single hair and hormone stand to attention as a voice that made his knees tingle and want to buckle, purred “I’m Jean-Claude. Welcome to Guilty Pleasures. My beautiful Asher inspires awe does he not?” He moved with a grace that oozed sex and sensuality, and stood in front of the stunning blonde. He lifted a pale graceful hand and ghosted it over Asher’s face and lips, whispering in French as he did.

There seemed to be a change in the room and the air was heavy and felt like velvet and sex wrapping around them.

Asher’s nostrils flared and his pupils bleed till there was nothing but a thin ring of ice blue. Sam and Dean watched in fascination as Asher’s fangs descended to full length. Jean-Claude nicked his thumb on one of the razor sharp teeth and pushed it into Asher’s mouth. Sam could feel all the blood in his body heading south, and from his brothers laboured breathing, so was his.

“Asher is temptation made flesh” Jean-Claude drawled, accent thickening “His bite can cause such bliss that it can bring you to climax” he continued to paint his blood across Asher’s lower lip “He could literally suck you dry, and all you could do is beg for more”

Both Winchesters let out strangled moans, shifting to try and release some of the pressure in their trousers. Then just as suddenly the sex laden air cleared. Leaving Sam and Dean panting slightly and feeling confused at what just happened.

Jean-Claude had a zip busting smile on his face as he turned and indicated with an elegant sweep of his hand to a private booth behind them. They were preceded by Asher who seemed to find it all very embarrassing and was trying to fade into the background as he sat down. Sam and Dean were attempting to hide the affect that little display had on them, and failing miserably.

Jean-Claude settled himself beside Asher and they shared a look that made Sam’s heart clench at the sheer adoration that was there.

Wondering what his brother was thinking about this chick flick moment, he turned to find an almost wistful look on Dean’s face. Dean turned that look on Sam, and his heart slammed in his chest. Then Dean seemed to come back to himself and his usual cocky façade was back in place. With a sigh Sam turned back to business.

“So my friends, you must be wondering why I have called on your services yes?” reaching down to pick up an envelope, Jean Claude then placed it in front of the brothers. “We have been having difficulties with a ghost of sorts. Anita, who contacted your father, got as much information as she could and would have dealt with this herself, as she is the Executioner for St Louis, but she was called away on quite an urgent case.”

A waiter appeared and took drink orders. Once he had gone Jean Claude continued. “And as you are aware, with Asher and I being what we are, the handling of religious artefacts and holy water and such is really not a good idea, neither is calling in a priest”

Once Dean had opened the envelope, Jean Claude continued. “Anita believed this to be a poltergeist of some form, which attached itself to one of my vampires. He seems to have bought it over from Europe with him, and he says that it’s been with him for a number of years and never been a problem before hand. He found sanctuary in my city and came to work here, but unfortunately it doesn’t seem to appreciate him working in a strip club and has been voicing its opinion in the most, how can you say, unpleasant and inconvenient ways, especially towards female clients” He indicated to one of the sheets of paper. “Anita found a ritual that would take care of the problem which is why you are here as there are no remains to burn I’m afraid, it has to be done the hard way.

Chapter 2

The ‘hard way’ was a bit of an anti-climax as things go. Sam and Dean had arranged to go to the club where the vampire slept, the next day, and were let in by the young blond dancer from the evening before, he introduced himself as Jason. Dean was surprised to find out that he was a werewolf and part of a pack that answered to Jean-Claude’s call. Sam seemed really intrigued at the inner workings of a werewolf pack, but a pointed glare from Dean had him focusing on the current game.

They had come prepared. Salt guns, holy water, their fathers journal, the whole nine yards, but it seemed that Anita knew her stuff and after the ritual and a bit of a tussle. Ok so Dean ended up going through a door and maybe a few tables, it was over and there was no more spirit.

Sitting down at the table, Dean was startled when Jason came into the room with drinks and a large medical kit, and then proceeded to treat his cuts. Sam sat and did not look too pleased at how close the young werewolf was standing to his brother or for that matter, attending to his wound. That was his job. Sam felt his eye twitch, when giving him a pointed look, Jason licked Dean’s blood off his fingers when he had finished.

Trying to disperse some of the tension that had started seeping into the room Dean asked Jason about Jean-Claude and Asher. “Do you know them well?”

“I should hope so. I’m Jean-Claude’s Pomme de Sang” both men looked confused so Jason elaborated “it means Apple of Blood. I feed Jean-Claude. Being other worldly means I can feed him on a regular basis and not get ill. I also reap huge benefits from it.” He gave them both a dazzling smile. “What else do you want to know?” Jason finished packing away the first aid kit and sat down to answer their questions.

“Jean-Claude said that Asher’s bite could cause you to orgasm. Is that true?” Dean’s head whipped around; surprised that Sam would ask that question.

“Oh yeah, that is completely and wonderfully true. Asher and Jean-Claude are descendants of Belle Morte. She is one of the higher ranking Vampire Council. All her offspring have talents that have a sexual nature. Asher can roll your mind and cause you to fall in love with him. His bite can literally be orgasmic.” Jason’s eyes glazed and a smile spread across his face as if he was reliving a really good memory.

“What about Jean-Claude?”

“Hmmmm…?” Jason brought his attention back to the men in front of him as Dean repeated the question.

“What about Jean-Claude. What are his talents?”

“Jean-Claude has many, but only a few we know about. He’s an incubus, but he also has a rare talent called the Ardeur, which means he can inflame passion, love and lust. He can also feed off sexual tension, not just blood. Hence owning a strip club is beneficial for him” He started to stand “Anyway my friends, I have to go and get changed, so I can be there when Jean-Claude wakes. I’ll see you later on”

He threw his hand up in farewell as he left, but turned at the door to look at the two brothers sitting and talking. They sure were a pretty pair and they had no idea that Jean-Claude had taken quite a shine to them; he had told Jason to answer their questions. Even Jason could feel and smell the repressed sexual tension that came off the brothers. And there was one thing Jean-Claude loved more than anything and that was the chance to take a sexual situation and let it explode. Jason grinned as he slipped out of the room; those boys were in for a treat and a half.

Chapter 3

Jean-Claude had left a request that they go to a place called the ‘Circus of the Damned’ so they could receive their payment, which is why the next night Dean found himself looking up at the ugliest sign he had ever seen.

Clowns freaked the fuck out of him normally, but to look up and see not only the creepy arsed make-up, but fangs as well? That was just so wrong on so many levels. Sam found it amusing and kept pointing out the picture in various locations.

“Dude, enough! This is fucked enough as it is” A shudder went through him “Goddamn vampire fricking clowns.”

Sam’s laughter followed him as they went to the door around the side of the building. Sam raised his hand to knock, but the door swung open and a large man motioned them to come in.

They were led down a long series of corridors until they came to a doorway that was draped in fine materials. Their escort pushed open the door and indicated for them to enter.

Dean went in first and pushed back more draped material and stopped dead at the sight before him with Sam rammed up tight behind him.

Jean-Claude was standing with Jason wrapped in an intimate embrace, Jason’s back against Jean-Claude’s chest, arms holding him firmly to him as he was feeding from his neck.

Asher sat in an armchair; he had a small built young man with the longest auburn hair, draped across his lap. The young man, about 21, had a blissed out look on his face and two fresh marks on his neck. He looked up, with lavender coloured eyes, and smiled a serene smile at Dean and Sam, as Asher stroked his hair and face.

A breathy moan of ecstasy from Jason snapped the brothers’ attention around just in time to see Jason starting to shudder as he came, a dark stain appearing on the front of his trousers and Jean-Claude finish feeding. While Jason’s body continued to twitch and shiver, Jean-Claude whispered low and soothing in his ear, cradling the blond to his chest.

Jean-Claude’s head snapped up as Dean and Sam shuffled uncomfortably at having interrupted something that seemed so intimate. Jean-Claude just smiled and motioned them to come into the room, still rocking and murmuring to Jason.

“Nathaniel, would you assist Jason to his room”

The auburn haired man rolled gracefully off of Asher’s lap and crossed the room as Jean-Claude requested. He gently took Jason from the vampires embrace and helped him walk. Both young men gave the Winchester brothers languid grins as they passed them and went out the door.

Dean shifted uncomfortably. He and Sam had talked last night over several beers, about the two vampires and how they found themselves drawn to them. Dean wasn’t sure if it was because of the vampire hoodoo or just that both of them were sex on legs, hence the questions with Jason.

He felt somewhat vindicated that Jean-Claude was an incubus and could therefore influence them sexually, but Sam managed to pull that rug from under him when he pointed out that Asher couldn’t, and it hadn’t stopped them from drooling over him. Drunken logic really sucked.

Now standing here and seeing them again, Dean just admitted to himself that he could fuck them both quite happily, and if his brothers’ wiggling was anything to go by Sammy was coming to the same conclusion.

Dean felt a thrill down his spine as consciously or not, Sam pressed his hard on into his back. Unable to help himself Dean pushed back and felt Sam’s breath puff on his temple and felt himself harden. This was all that was unbidden and unspoken between them. The thing they ignored, chalking it up to proximity and isolation, but now they had a focus and a reason. Dean had a feeling that everything was about to change for him and Sam. He didn’t know if the sensation in his chest was dread or anticipation.

Jean-Claude stepped forward, smoothing his hand over Dean’s as it still clutched a handful of gauzy material. Dean’s eyes dropped to the pale strip of chest that was exposed by the red silk robe Jean-Claude was wearing. He noticed that in the centre of the well defined muscles was a burn mark, old and well healed. Dean felt a flash of revulsion as he realised that the scar was in the perfect shape of a crucifix, imagining that some poor soul had clutched at their cross, and pressed it out of desperation into this creature as they had been drained of blood.

Dean didn’t know what disturbed him the most, the scar and its meaning or the fact that with that realisation his dick had become harder. Adrenaline was making his heart pound at the thought of being at the vampire’s mercy. He lifted his head and looked Jean-Claude in the eye, moss green clashing with sapphire blue.

Dean could feel Sam’s breathing speed up, he managed to flick his eyes to the side to see that Asher was making his way towards them. Sam’s hips had also taken up twitching, seemingly uncontrollably, into Dean.

He let out a little yelp of surprise as he felt hot breath on his neck as Jean-Claude whispered “Come Mon ami” and Sam’s hand, which had slipped onto Dean’s hip, clench. Sam let out a strangled little “Dean” as Jean-Claude pulled Dean towards him and turned his head enough to see that Asher was now standing in front of his brother and was caressing his cheek almost lovingly. He felt a stab of unexpected jealousy at seeing his little brother being touched and calmed by Asher.

“Time enough for that later my friend” Jean –Claude spoke softly into Dean’s ear. “You will get to taste and touch your brother soon, but for now, you are mine to taste and to love” he turned Dean’s head towards him and Dean felt his world tilt softly at first as the vampires eyes seem to bleed into glowing blue. He managed a croaked “Oh dear God in heaven” as the room seemed to slip away in swirls of blue and desire and caught Jean-Claude’s whispered “I won’t send you to your maker, but I can show you what heaven may feel like” as he lost himself in the vampires eyes.

Chapter 4

Dean slowly became aware that he had a body, and said body seemed to be tied up. He also appeared to be naked and blindfolded. Testing his bindings, he guessed by the way his arms moved he was freestanding and hooked on something. He tried to stand on tip toes, but whatever he was hooked onto was out of his reach, as all he found was more rope. The position was not uncomfortable and he seemed to have padded wrist cuffs on.

He realised that he wasn’t alone in the room. He could hear little broken sobs and moans. Listening he realised he recognised the hoarse voice and called out “Sammy! Are you ok?” He strained to listen, but all he heard was a groan. “Sammy are you ok? Answer me you fucker!”

His brothers “Oh god Dean yes!” followed by “Harder! Please do it harder!” did nothing to calm Dean down, his dick hardened to the point of pain at the tone in Sam’s voice. He jumped as a hand curled over his hip and then felt the heat of a body moving in behind him.

“Your little brother is enjoying Asher’s attention at the moment” Jean-Claude drawled close to his ear “Can you not hear the ecstasy he is feeling? Can you not feel it rolling on your skin like lightening?” the hand on his hip ghosted over his erection with a feather light touch “of course you can” then the hand drew away and he whimpered at the loss of contact.

Dean felt the blindfold being removed and squinted as his eyes became adjusted. Jean-Claude was stroking his chest, fingernails catching his nipples as they scraped lightly over the skin all the way to his face, where he felt gentle fingers directing him to the sight before him.

Sam was bent over a table; he was pinned by one hand on the back of his neck, his hands gripped the opposite edge of the desk as Asher moved in him from behind with steady forceful thrusts. Sam had been reduced to incoherent whimpers and words “Oh….Please….too much…harder” which fell in a jumble from his mouth.

Dean’s breath started to come out in pants as he watched his brother being fucked and enjoying it, he felt his arse muscles clench with every thrust that rocked his brothers’ body. A long moan escaped him as Jean-Claude’s hands started running up and down his body, ghosting, but never quite touching his dick. He felt warm wet fingers move down his arse crack and caress around the twitching hole and just as the other hand wrapped around his blood engorged erection, one of those fingers pushed up inside him.

Dean had never felt anything like it, as that finger pushed in and found his prostate. He had had girls shove their fingers up his arse while they blew him, but never a vampire and never while watching his baby brother getting fucked. He had got so carried away with watching Sam that he didn’t realise that Jean-Claude had slipped another finger inside of him, and then another followed. Dean’s body seemed to be answering some silent instruction, as it relaxed and let the vampire in.

“Are you imagining what it feels like to slide inside your brother? Feel those muscles relax and accept you into his body, feel the heat of him wrap around and welcome you” The fingers were removed from his arse and Dean felt his arms released from their position, but all he did was drop them behind him over Jean-Claude’s head and held on, as he was walked forward towards the desk and bent over it until he was face to face with his brother.

Sam opened his eyes when Dean touched him, his pupils were blown and his mouth opened and a sobbed “Dean….Fuck!” came out. His sweat drenched hair was plastered to his face and Dean wanted nothing more than to brush it away, but he was having problems of his own. Jean-Claude had slowly pushed himself into Dean and seemed to be hard wired into every nerve in his body as pleasure started flashing up and down his body. He was so close he could feel his body getting ready, this whole experience had been too much and he was teetering on a razors edge.

He opened his eye, which he hadn’t realised had closed, and stared straight at his brother, who also seemed about ready to pop by the sounds and mumbled ramblings coming from him. He saw Asher reach down between his brother and the desk and pull away what looked like a piece of leather, with that Sam threw his head back and screamed and bucked as much as he could. Seeing Sam going over the edge sent Dean over and he shot his load all over the side of the desk.

As he lay there panting he felt Jean-Claude pull out slowly and gently and even then there was a twinge of discomfort. He felt trembling fingers stroke down his nose and opened eyes to see a smiling Sam looking at him from half open lids.

A soft kiss was placed on his cheek and Jean-Claude’s gentle voice telling him that he and his brother were beautiful and to rest for a few minutes as they weren’t finished yet.

Dean felt his last brain cell give up and explode. He and Sam whimpered, causing the two vampires to laugh.

He and Sam stayed draped over the desk gently caressing each others faces and hands. Dean really didn’t have the energy to be manly about this. He’d been fucked within an inch of his life, he was sated, content and Sam was looking at him like he hung the moon and the stars. Life at the moment was pretty fucking fantastic.

Chapter 5

Dean felt himself being lifted and carried. At 6”1 and not exactly small in build, it was an unusual sensation, but here he was being cradled like he was a child in Jean-Claude’s arms. He managed to rouse himself enough to see Asher carrying Sam in the same manner. Seeing his brother safe and in the same position, Dean didn’t feel like such a pussy and settled back to enjoy being taken care of.

He was gently laid on a huge bed, and when he said huge, he meant it. Five or more people would be able to fit on no problems.

He felt Jean-Claude climb in behind him, caressing him; he felt his body stir, but nothing more. He turned his head and looked at his lover “I’m sorry, but I don’t think I can”

Jean-Claude’s smile made Dean slightly nervous. “Did Jason not tell you who and what I am?” his eyes bleed to pure blue again and Dean felt the same feeling as the first time in Guilty Pleasures. The air became heavy, almost a tangible sensation gliding over his skin. He felt his body responding, his cock filling and hardening.

He felt Sam stir beside him and turned his head to look at his brother. Asher had moved them in close and was in the same position behind Sam as Jean-Claude was to him.

“I am an incubus and I have the ardeur, I can make you both hard as many times as I wish” Jean-Claude bit Deans neck lightly “And I am not finished with you yet”

He urged Dean forward up against Sam. Asher lifted Sam’s leg so that it was draped over him and Jean Claude, their dicks lining up perfectly. Asher took one of Sam’s large hands, and poured lube on it, then guided it between them, so that Sam was holding both his and Deans dicks.

“Now you Dean” Dean held his hand to Asher who poured a generous amount of lube into his palm. Not needed any further instruction, Dean dropped his hand to join his brother’s, their hands made an amazing, warm slick channel for their dicks to slide in and out of.

Working themselves in alternating thrusts, rubbing their dicks together and watching each others faces Dean could feel the familiar tingle in his spine. He breathed out Sam’s name as his thrusts started to become as erratic as Sam’s, but the familiar flaring of Jean-Claude’s power across his skin made the urgent feeling back off.

He heard Sam’s breathy moan and looked down to see that Asher was pushing himself into Sam, he moaned himself as Asher’s thrust pushed Sam harder into their grip and harder against Dean’s already sensitive erection.

Gritting his teeth and moaning with each movement, he felt Jean-Claude’s fingers probed his arse and seemingly satisfied pushing himself into Dean. The sound that tore itself out of Dean’s throat would have embarrassed him at one time, but he really didn’t give a damn at the moment. Pleasure spiked through his whole body.

He felt lips touch his and opened his mouth and accepted the tongue that pushed in, he knew it was Sammy. He moaned deep in his throat at the taste of his brother, and got an answering one back as he sucked Sam’s tongue.

His brother let out a soft mewling sound as Asher drew him away from Dean, who was about to protest as well, when Asher laid a soft finger on his lips. Dean felt teeth grazing the side of his neck, a frisson of fear and thrill shooting down his spine, but somehow he knew he was safe and he relaxed.

Feeling a hand on his face he looked into Asher’s eyes and felt his mind slip away just enough to dull the initial bite, so that it was no more painful than having a hickey. Jean-Claude didn’t drink though, he took his mouth away after a few seconds and Dean felt another mouth close over his neck. He came back to himself to find Sam latched onto the bite, suckling, and the feeling of Sam on his neck sent a bolt of pleasure straight to his balls. The sensations were building and Dean could feel his whole skin starting to feel too tight. Jean-Claude was pounding into his arse, his and Sam’s dicks were sliding together and the feeling of Sam sucking on his neck, had him thinking he was going to burst any minute. He was pushed over the edge though, by the sight of Asher drinking his blood from his brother’s mouth. Dean came so hard he blacked out, sliding away in warm darkness.

Chapter 6

Sam felt like he was swimming to the surface, but then he’d drift back down, but something was pulling him up and up, and then he was jolted awake as he felt something warm and wet wrap around his cock. He looked down and nearly came there and then when he saw it was Dean. It was Dean’s sinful lips wrapped around him, slowly gliding up and down, trying to take as much of him as he could. His hands went to clutch at the bed sheets to stop him from grabbing his brother’s head and thrusting deep into his mouth, but his left hand connected with a solid length beside him.

Turning his head he met the sparkling eyes of Jean-Claude, who lifted his hand and stroked it down Sam’s face “Welcome back, we thought you would sleep forever” he leant forward and placed a kiss on Sam’s forehead “I hope you do not mind, but Asher was quite taken with your brother’s mouth and wanted to see it pleasure you”

Sam opened his mouth to try and answer, but Dean chose that moment to plunge all the way down and a strangled moan was all that came out. Sam looked down again and wished he hadn’t. Dean was looking up at him from under his long lashes, mouth stretched obscenely about him with Asher gently whispering encouragement in his ear and stroking Dean’s back.

Sam just managed to get a warning “Dean!” out before he came in Dean’s mouth, Asher’s hand on the back of his head making sure he couldn’t pull off. Dean let out a muffled protest, but that turned into a purr as Asher pulled him up and kissed him deep sharing Sam’s cum. Sam watched in fascination, all embarrassment at how quickly he came forgotten, as his brother and the blond battled with their tongues for the taste of him. Dean’s breath hitched and a small trickle of blood fell from the corner of his mouth. Asher tried to pull back, but Dean climbed into his lap, pushing his tongue further into Asher’s mouth.

A growl crawled out of Asher’s throat and he grabbed Dean’s short hair, yanking his head back and to the side. Sam had just enough time to see Asher’s eyes become a solid ice blue and his fangs become full length before he struck, sinking his fangs into Dean’s neck. Dean yelled and his body bowed. Sam went to get up and help his brother, but he was pulled back into Jean-Claude’s arms “No my sweet Sam, wait and see” Sam was about to protest when Dean let out a moaned “Jessuuuuusssssssssss!” and came for what seemed like forever. Once he was finished, Asher drew back and licked Dean’s neck. A Dean that was now flopped over backwards, boneless in Asher’s embrace, arms flung out, his eyes closed and panting.

Sam managed to lift his foot and poke Dean in the head with a toe, his response was one eye cracking open.

“Dean are you ok” when his brother grinned and said “Fuck me Sammy, you’ve gotta try that” Sam laughed, relaxed into Jean-Claude’s arms and drifted.

Sam felt himself being laid back onto the bed and someone else next to him, after a few seconds he had an arm full of wiggling Dean, as he draped himself over Sam, muttering contentedly. Sam grinned and hauled his brother in as close as he could, loving the fact that he finally had his brother in his arms, like he always wanted.

The bed moved and he heard Jean-Claude and Asher move to stand beside it. Cracking his eyes open he watched as the dark haired vampire stroked Asher’s face tenderly.

“Well Mon Amour, day break is coming and its time for us to leave them to sleep. They have earned it!” Asher’s soft laugh lulled Sam into a deep sleep.

The End

Woo Hoo!

I've been given the thumbs up and I can go back to work on Monday!

I know that its strange to get excited about that sort of thing, but after 2 months of being at home and watching daytime TV *shudders*, I can't wait!
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The Supreme Boredom That Is Sunday!

I'm bored out of my skull. Why are Sundays so dull? I think its because you can't really do anything because theres work tomorrow. All this day has been is housework and laundry.

Roll on 9pm when Supernatural comes on. Can't wait.

Oh well, never mind. Going to go and mooch on the boards and see whats happening.
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Just sad thoughts really.

My sister passed away 5 years ago now. It was so unexpected when it happened and it was hard trying come to terms with it. Thing is I have been seeing the day she died over and over in my head.

The look on my families faces as the doctor told us that she had died. My mum and dads utter grief. The numbness and total disbelief that set in.

Anyway, thought maybe getting it off my chest might help.